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Its 2023 and every day we are getting more connected to technology. Now a day information is everywhere. But in the sea of information people are loosing important information they need. As we all know out Government has already launched many schemes for the development of our nation and help poor people. But, most of us either unaware of these schemes or miss the updated news on these.

Here at Amarbangla24x7.com we are a team of passionate writers, editors and contributors trying to bring right information to the needy people at the right time. At amarbangla24x7.com we provide all kind of government scheme updates, public notices, information needed for daily life. Also we bring the trending news which is best to West Bengal’s people’s interest.

Our Main Goal

Amarbangla24x7.com was founded with the goal to provide unbiased news without our opinion. Also our other aim is to give opportunities to budding journalists, writers and engineers to showcase their talents. We mainly provide all news about government schemes, scholarship, business ideas and trending news. We believe that opinions should always be from readers after reading news.

Our Team

We have a team of 4 people. Snehasish Patra is our main editor cum writer. Parthoo Mondal is our writer. Amaresh Banerjee is our engineer who keeps the website running. Also we have a content strategist cum fact checker. As we grow we will also expand our team members.

Our News Source 

We have 2 authors, who verify all our news live first and then publish it. Before publishing any news, we verify the news through a fact-checking process. See our fact checking policy.

About the Company

Amarbangla24x7 is an Informative news site. Anyone Can check our funding information.


Our Official Mail id is : [email protected]

Office Address : 19 Goswami Bagan Lane, Sheoraphuli, Hooghly, Pin – 712223.

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